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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Increase Blog traffic with Facebook

In The Last post i got lot of request to write about Facebook Traffic. And I know you don't need to read about some general non working methods.

So, Which method to use

  1. Fan page 
  2. Status update
  3. Posting on Group walls
  4. Creating docs 
  5. Getting shared by others

Fan Page

The most using method. but It's heard to get likes without some hard work. (I mean for lazy peoples like me) lazy First, You have to create a Cool Fanpage for you! you can learn How to create a Fanpage and add your RSS url to it Here And also That post contains the importance of the fan page. So I don't thin I have to explain them again.

Status Update

A little effective method. Just update your status with a message that says about your post. Don't ask for a visit. just add a little description, If they are interested It will not stop with just a visit! (Trust Me!) Trust Me

Group walls

This is a very interesting method. And If you use it wrong, This is the most boring method. When you create a post, Search for some groups that related to your topic. It's very important to be relative with the post. If it's not, You will be reported as a spammer or you'll get noticed as a spammer on the members mind. If you became a spammer, you'll never get this work effective. So Please don't be a spammer. Alternatively There are some groups That allow you to post your links on walls.Like some Blog readers clubs.
No matter the amount of members, Sometimes a few members will e more active.

Creating Docs

This is My personal favorite!
Just like article submitting (But no Backlinks) search for a group as in the 3rd one. When you post a new post on your blog, copy it and past it as a doc in the group. Or you can make some changes like not being more specify. Then add your link at the Top as the source. And at the bottom ask them to visit you for more interesting posts or for get more details about the doc . Don't just post the title and ask for a visit. I mean, Dont be a Spammer.

Get shred by others

It's a good and a more effective way. because readers can trust the post when some other shared it. And your link will get spread among more users. Ask your readers to share the post if they are interested. If the reader isn't strange, They will share it. to get shared easily. Add the Floating Social media Widget. Because It's a more than just a share button. you can see why it's Important than just a share button in my post.

I Think you have learned something with the post. Why Don't you check Out the
Traffic With twitter post ?

My mind tells me I've missed something, So, If you have any Question or a Suggestion, please feel free to write them as a comment!

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  1. yes facebook fan page is the best way to promote your website.. thanks for this



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