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Saturday, November 12, 2011

SEO | Optimize Blog title and Post title

                                 Blog title and post title, both will appear in Search results. Also you can see that the words on the titles are highlighted  (bold) . That means Blog title and the Post title is an Important thing to get higher place in search results.  I mean it's the most important. So lets see how to Optimize them.

Place Post title before Blog title

If you are using blogger, Normally The blog title is appear before Post title.
                               But you know people just type in what they need to know about. Not our blog title. But if you have a post about the thing they are seeking for, there keywords will be placed on your post title for sure. (Sometimes also in the Blog title.)

         So that's why we need to add our post titles before the blog title. It's not that heard.
Log in to your blogger account and Go to, Template » Edit HTML and search for

And replace it with the code above.
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>
Now search for your blog in a Search engine and See what you got.

Optimize Blog title and post title

Setting up the blog/website title

                     Title must be Short and sweet. Not with a big description. Just make the title with 2-4 words that will describe your topic well. It must not be something like "My blog, John's Blog, .. etc" because adding good keyword to it will be a big help to set your post to a higher rank in Search results. (See the picture)

Also do a keyword research before you set your title. (Confused? See how to do a keyword research )

Post title

                             Post title is same but you have to add 5-8 words to it. If you are kind of familiar with Search engines. you have see some search results that ending with three dots (...) That means The Post title+Blog title es longer than the character limit of search engines. so you have to limit your characters in Post title+Blog title to 60-65. over over limited titles will not be useful.


URL is important too. You can see it at the picture too. But you don't have to Optimize it. because if you have done a greate keyword research when creating your post title, you will get a great URL as well ...

This post is a patr of SEO post series
Hope The post helps you. If something is missing please Mention them in a comment.
Don't forget to Say Thanks. If you got something.

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  1. @pasindu...

    I'm so glad to here that from you! And why don't you take a look at all the SEO related article here ( http://www.blogtrickstream.com/search/label/search%20eo )

    All of the post are containing unique SEO secrets.

  2. i'm very confuse about seo. do u know any sinhalla web about SEO. thanks..

  3. I checked title part. but can't fint it. wht can i do?????

  4. yup, i agree with you friend... i have done what your suggestion.. thanks,,, :)

  5. @nadeekadn...
    I'm also willing to write some article doc in Facebook. I thin you'll find them.

    and about the title code, there was a mistake in the post. I just corrected it. read the post again please.

  6. @mohamed & ben.........

    I hope you'll find the way to success. thanks for the comments

  7. Thanks Chathura.. i found article... i read it. thanks again..

  8. thank you very much very good information

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  10. thx for sharing informations with us :)

  11. Great stuff! Keep up the great information

  12. I really thankful to you. Your post is so impressive. Very much helped me in optimizing post title. Thanks a lot. Looking forward for more impressive & useful posts.


  13. thanks for sharing... more power!

  14. Nice Article Really helpful for me Thank You

  15. what about the archive pages? how can we fix the titles for those?

  16. Replies
    1. http://bavotasan.com/2008/how-to-modify-your-wordpress-title-tag-for-search-engine-optimization/

      Hope this will help you.. because I'm not much familiar with Wordpress !

  17. Just followed ur steps...thanks a ton

    top seo tips

  19. Very commendable post. The topic seems like interesting to read..it gives me a lot of ideas and point of view. Glad you have shared this.. :)

  20. i dont really know whats happening...i just did waht you said but juzt after that my posts are being indexed lot far than page 1. prior to this most of my posts were being indexed at page 1 @ 1st or 2nd position...but now the same post have gone to 3rd & 4th page...dont know whats happening pls help


  21. Thank you very much.

  22. Thanks...
    My dear brother i have a problem that when i Google search Blog title comes before Post title.. please give me a solution... please...

  23. Very very useful article.. Thanks for shearing your valauble knowledge..
    Lakjaya Blog

  24. Thanks a lot I found this one to be the easiest way of all google results to modify the SEO titles for Blogposts in Blogger

  25. Placing 'Post title' before 'blog title' created a huge benefit for my blog's SEO and it started receiving more click through rates due to the increased keyword relevancy in the title field of posts showing up in Google SERP's. Its one of the best 'must have' tricks for every types of blogs.

  26. Do to you MEAN replace with the code


    not ABOVE?




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