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Friday, September 2, 2011

Make a Fan page with RSS feeds for a blog (Facebook))

create a facebook fan page for blog

A fan page

A face book fan page is like a profile of you blog. And it's an another great method increase you blog traffic. Lets see how!

  1. Someone click "Like" 
  2. His friends see it
  3. He click "like"
  4. His friends see it
  5. It continuous

1.Some one see your blog and He get interested about it. Then he'll click like on your fan page.
2.Then It will posted on his wall and his friends can see it. They'll check it too.
3. If His friends got interested, they will click like.
4.Again, as above friends of the friends.
5.It will continue.

It's up to you to make your blog interesting.

How to make a fan page

First go to Facebook pages I admin then Click "+Create a page" and choose the option "Artist, Band or Public Figure"
Then select the roll as Author. And type the name of your blog in the name field.After you are done click "Get Started"
Don't forget to upload a full size profile picture (540 x 180)
Then invite your friends to like your page and share it on your wall.
Set the basic information. Now you have created a  basic page.

Add blog RSS feeds to it.

In the page, click Edit page button
facebook edit page
you will see lot of options.. Don't forget to fill them later. But let's add your RSS first
select the "Apps" tab at the sidebar.  Then click the go to App link in the Note section (as in the picture)

fan page app section

Then you will see a link at the bottom of the right sidebar, saying "Edit import settings" at the subscribe section. Click it and add your blog's post RSS URL there. Add a tik to the check box and click Start importing.

How simple!! you are done with it. now all of your posts will be added to your page as notes. And new post will be there too...

[Learn How to create a Fan Page on Google Plus too

Adding a like box is few more steps away... I hope you will find how in you page. (If you got problem with it please mention it in a comment. I'll help you)

If you have any suggestion or Question, please feel free to write them as a comment

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  1. what is the rss url??how can we get that one??

  2. easy make one from http://feeds.feedburner.com/
    or, if you are using blogger, use this.>

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