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Monday, November 21, 2011

How to Customize +1 Button in Different Ways

                         Customizing the Plus One button is a option that provided by official Google developer site. But Here is the complete description and guide with demos.

customize google +1 button

Customize +1 button

Before All

before all, you have to copy this code and past it Just before the  </head>  tag.

How to Set your Plus One tab to public.

How to Set Google PluseOne Tab to Public

First log into your Google account (Google+) Then Go to the profile tab from the navigation bar at Next to Google+  logo.
Google plus profile
Then you will find the "Edit Profile" button in the Top Right.
 Google plus Edit Profile

Then click on the +1 Tab. (as in the picture).

Monday, November 14, 2011

Create a Google plus page for blog

[This is the Part two of  "Increase Blog Traffic with Google plus" ]

Create a Google Plus Page

Google Plus Now allow you to create fan pages too. It'll be a Good chance to you and your readers that who do not use facebook. Let's see How to create a Page. 1st Got Page creator And select the option "Product or Band". Then Add your Blog Name in the name field and Add the URL in website field.
       Then select The category as "Website" Then select who can see the page. If you admin an Adult or an Alcohol related blog please remember to choose the right people to view the page.
Create a page in Google plus
       Once you have completed Click "Create" button. And Upload a Great Profile picture (You can Use your ad banner if you are advertising ) . Now you are Done with creating a Page.
          After a Successful creation. you will use Google Plus as your page. Any time you want to switch the profile, you can Got to home tab and click the drop down menu in just next ti your profile picture And choose the account.
switch Google plus account

Add Google Plus badge to your blog

Go to your home tab as your page, Then take a look at your address bar. There will be your profile id in it. (See example in the picture).

Copy your ID to the clip board And Go to "Google Plus badge creator"  Then paste your ID in the field and select the type of the badge you want (Some are still not available).
           Get the code and paste it in you blog as a widget.

Have you a fan Page on Facebook which contains your RSS feed? If not, Create one now.
[This is the Part two of  "Increase Blog Traffic with Google plus" ]

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

SEO | Optimize Blog title and Post title

                                 Blog title and post title, both will appear in Search results. Also you can see that the words on the titles are highlighted  (bold) . That means Blog title and the Post title is an Important thing to get higher place in search results.  I mean it's the most important. So lets see how to Optimize them.

Place Post title before Blog title

If you are using blogger, Normally The blog title is appear before Post title.
                               But you know people just type in what they need to know about. Not our blog title. But if you have a post about the thing they are seeking for, there keywords will be placed on your post title for sure. (Sometimes also in the Blog title.)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

SEO | Use Heading tags for a better Search Engine Rank

How to Add a Great Heading tag?

Heading tag for SEOUsing Heading  tags (<h1> , <h2> ..) will give you a better rank in search results. because Search engine bots use them to understand what your post is about. So as human readers.Starting with <h1> and ending with <h6>.

do a key word research

Adding a heading tag with a normal words will not help you. So you have to do a little keyword research. Just like you have done when Optimizing Images .

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SEO | Image Optimization for Search engines

Uses of alt tag

Add alt tag to all of your images to get your links to Image search results.  And Get some extra visitors from it. Alternate Text is not only for SEO It's main purpose. The "alt" attribute allows you to specify alternative
text for the image if it cannot be displayed for some reason.

Also If you have used the image as a link, alt attribution will help Search Engine bots to navigate what the page is about. and also for the readers with non Image displaying browsers. and blind readers who use screen readers to surf Internet.  Lets see how to add it for a better result.

Pagerank 3. Just in 18 days

Page Rank updated! What about yours

 Page Rank 3

Last night my page rank is Updated (0-3). I just didn't posted a lot of SEO articles because i got a page rank 0 blog to post them. So, It'll be something like a (crab) thing and you won't believe them. Now you can count on my articles. Cuz I have proved that It's the way of success.

Also Don't worry if you got a less Page Rank. PR is not the most important thing when blogging. It's 'Traffic". 
Just spend some extra time to build traffic.

My career of Page Rank

Started: 2011-Aug-16 with a one post. but didn't told anyone about the blog and started developing it's out look. 
After doing some experiments about the template in another blog. ("Click Here" to see the lab) Released and Published to the web: 2011-Aug-24.  But the blog was still developing it's out look and the inside template. Therefore i didn't buy a Domain name until complete basic things.
After the basics I changed the domain name:  2011-Oct-19. After changed the domain I totally  lost my Alexa rank.
And start fixing all links to the new domain (It took a whole day). Then started to build outside links, SEO and reader attracting things.
In 2011-Nov-7 morning My Page rank was still "0" But At the mid night it was 3

Just in 18 days... isn't that awesome?


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