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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Google webmaster tools | A quick look

What are Google webmaster tools ?

Simply "Google webmaster tools" is a Free service that provides you some cool tools to find you way to be a successful webmaster. only thing you need to know is "How to use them!" I have mentioned about is in a SEO related post. Add your blog and sitemap to google ) Ohh.. forgot to say. Google changed the interface and facilities a bit after the last post. But it did not any big change on the task what we were doing in the post.

What is inside the webmastertools

 Google webmaster tools

Please Note: This is just a "quick look". Let's discuss about them in the future.


When you logged in to the webmastertools, you will have to choose the site you want to see the information about (If you have multiple websites) Choose one by clicking on the website name. Then you will land on the Dashboard 

Google webmaster tool dashboard"Click on the image to have a better look"

Dashboard contains a summery of the following categories.

  1. Search queries
  2. Crawl errors
  3. Links to your site
  4. Sitemaps


Now look at the right sidebar, you will see 5 main categories which are followed by 23 sub categories.

1. Site configuration

Site configuration used to see how search engines use your site and it's contents. This will help you to optimize your page for a better search engine ranking and faster indexing. (That means more traffic) Let's talk about the advantages of the site configurations in the next post. :)

2. Your site on the web

In this section, You can find out; The most effective Search queries/ keywords that brings you more traffic. And who links to your site, How many links they provide. Also the internal links. Beside the subscriber stats.

3. +1 Metrics

Now the +1 is becoming the most important social bookmarks in the cyber. So see how is your websites +1s going on!

4. Diagnostics

Take a look at you site with the Google bots eye. Learn what bothers the bot and learn how o help the bot to index your site. That will help you to grow your traffic....

5. Labs

Help Google to improve webmaster tools and search engine facilities by testing and using there beta features.

Hope you enjoyed the Quick look... I Post this because I'm going to write a post series about Google webmaster tools. So let's meet again with a more described post about a category from webmaster tools. Please get familiar and try to use webmaster tool till the next post.

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  1. Many thanks for sharing this article! It really has a lot of information I need to know. I should've tried out the Google Webmaster tool earlier!

  2. Yes! Keep an eye out for those easy-to-use tools out there that are also free. Tools can help starters in SEO or blogging get a hang of things faster. But remember, tools are just that. These things can help you out with the measuring and other tasks, but your success in SEO and blogging still depends on the content and information you provide.

  3. It's a good post but you would have explained more option from this tool. Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us. Keep post more updates on seo.

  4. Nice Post.reall helpful for novice

  5. thanks for your info, very useful for newbie blogger like me

  6. Really Nice Effort...
    Good one !
    Zeeshan Khalid (CEO)
    3w Solution | We Make IT Simple

  7. wow, useful information.many thanks.


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