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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What is a backlink ?

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Google webmaster tools | A quick look

What are Google webmaster tools ?

Simply "Google webmaster tools" is a Free service that provides you some cool tools to find you way to be a successful webmaster. only thing you need to know is "How to use them!" I have mentioned about is in a SEO related post. Add your blog and sitemap to google ) Ohh.. forgot to say. Google changed the interface and facilities a bit after the last post. But it did not any big change on the task what we were doing in the post.

What is inside the webmastertools

 Google webmaster tools

Please Note: This is just a "quick look". Let's discuss about them in the future.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review | Domain Yahoo for your small business

Domain Yahoo

: Official link : Domain yahoo

 Yahoo small business is offering some cheap but high quality start to new coming peoples at e-business .

Let's see what's interesting!

Low price for 1st 5 years
In comparing with other trusted domain name registrars such as eNom and Godaddy , Yahoo domain costis really low in first five years
It just cost $9.95 for the first year (You can decrees mire with FREE coupon codes.)  You can take this offer up to 5 years if you need ($49.75 for 5years) recommended .

A FREE starter web page 
" A single web page where you can post basic details about your business, such as a brief description and contact information. A starter web page is a bonus feature you receive when you purchase a Yahoo! Domains or Business Email plan."

Great one for who do not buy the domain only for a blog.

Trusted around the cyber
Huh!I don't have to specify the thing for that. you know the position of Yahoo.

Domain locking, Private domain registration and domain forwarding are available!

 What's not so cool!

After the first term the cost is too high...

After the first term, the cost is $34.95/year. But after the first term you are richer than you started, so it's not a big deal! You will also find coupon codes in the future if you keep in touch with them.

Just for now.... do not thing about the price after the first term. Yahoo domain is really for small businesses that willing to earn some real money. and who need to start cheap!

Hope you will found this post interesting! Do not trust my words, just check there website out!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Find sites to get FREE backlinks manually

High quality, By commenting, From any domain you need

find sites to comment backlinks

Saturday, December 31, 2011

One TIme PopUp for Blogger | Like Box | Subscription Box|..

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cool Gradient Background to Blog Sidebar

 Customize blogger sidebar

         Gradient background with rounded corners will be perfect to your Blogs side bar, If you do not believe me just take a look at the Demo. Of course you can change the gradient to any color or a style. Also the Widget Headers, See "How to customize widget headers" first.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

CSS Gradients to Customize widget headers differently

Customize Blog Template Your Self

customize widget headers in blogger with gradiest css

     Getting free templates or buying low quality templates will let your blog down in search engine rankings. Also most of them are not user friendly. Because that kind of template has so many unwanted styles and scripts which will slow your blog's load time and make it looks like a Christmas tree with too much decorations.

       The best solution is to make and style the template your self. But most people don't know how to create one. I have a solution for that too. You can customize a ready-made  template from Blogger.  

That's why I have decide start a cool post series called " Make your Own Template " This is the starting post. I thought starting with a simple post will give the series a bless to keep up.


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