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Monday, September 12, 2011

Increase blog traffic with Twitter

Which methods to use

Drive traffic with twitter
  1. Tweet your link bites withe twitter directly 
  2.  Re tweeting by others

So That's so simple than you ever though. Let's see how.!

With Direct Tweets

This is little bit harder than the other method!  Haha..! I know what are you thinking now.  Just save that Question for later.
   To spread your message directly! you have to get more followers. That's not easy for a new blogger. You have to spend some times blogging (With good constants) but also some readers won't follow you even you wrote good posts. So in this case I got a effective way to get more followers. use
to get some followers.  There is a little description about traffup

      And make your readers follow you by adding "follow me" widget on your blog. When you have more followers, you can spread your link bite (message) . In the message be a little descriptive about your link. don't just ask them to visit.
Also, every single second is important.
is a tool that will make your tweets automatically when you posted a new post. 
    I think you got it now ! 

Let others tweet it for you

This is the easiest and most effective part. Add a social media widget to your blog. to make others tweet your post. I recommend the floating widget. There are some important thing about my floating social media widget. you can see why you must use the widget in the
post about it . and ask your readers to tweet it if they interested. but some strange readers like you won't tweet it.

That's why we ave to use traffup again! you can ask traffup users to retweet your message for you. log in to your account and you will see 3 tabs "Websites, Twitter and ReTweets" click retweet. Then click the "Add a new message" button
add a new message
And add your message there. and put your link. Choose "Minimum followers per user" as 500 but you will have to change "Points per retweet" to 40-50 to spread it more.  Now think, you can spread your message to different kind of people in different countries . More than you can do with your own! 

If you have any suggestion or a Question about the post, please feel free to write them as a comment

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  1. u have any idea using facebook..........

  2. @Nadeeka.. Sure! Y not. I'll post it as soon as i can. Subscribe by email to get my latest posts.

    @Ali.. Thank you

  3. Nice Post....... Thanx for that!

  4. is it good for adsense? (I mean using truffup)

  5. yea.. for sure. I'm using it too.. but Don't submit your blog. Not even in a mistake.

  6. What about new twitter changes?

  7. @Rahul They just did some cool changes.
    But there will be no harm to this tricks. Also we can see how our work effect in the public, with new "@" Tab.
    Thanks for your comment :D

  8. Thanks for traffup.net. I've signed up. I have an idea of viral osphere to build targeted traffic together, it’s free for all people who have same interests to join. Check it out guys!. God Bless You

  9. Getting sufficient traffic nowadays is not an easy task. I find your method really practical and worth working on.



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