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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Add meta tags to find you blog or web site easily

Meta tags

Meta tags are like some guide to find, and add yo blog/website to search engines. most of search engines are categorizing sites to provide better search results for users. You know that search engines are the most important sours of visitors, so that's why meta tags are important.


Add Meta tags 

To add meta tags just find <head> tag in HTML vie. Then just after it  place this codes. Make sure you've edit codes before add them.

Title tag will help to be descriptive for search engines. also it will help to make your blog a indexed one search engine bots using this tag firstly.

<title>Your Blog Title Here</title>

Make a short description about your blog contents. But only first 20-30 characters will be visible at the search results. So make it short and sweet.

<meta content='Your Blog description' name='description'/>

 Keywords are the second important thing after description. This will help search engine to specify the keywords to display your blog/site as a result. But don't be a fool by adding keywords as many as  you can.. most of search engines are just mention about first 60-100 characters of this field.

<meta content='Your Blog keywords' name='keywords'/> 

This tag will just identify the author. Also this tag will not be very important at SEO. but it will help to make your site/blog professional.

<meta content="Your Name Here" name="author"/>

This code to identify your blogs copyright information!

<meta content="2011, Your Brand" name="copyright"/>

Sites like blogs are always changing, adding new posts so to notify search engines about new updates this tag is important. you can edit the time that you need the bot to visit. I suggest 15-35 days.

<meta content="31 Days" name="revisit-after"/>

Let the search engines know when your article will expire by adding this tag. "never" is the best for a blog
if you need you can add a expire date in "day moth year" format (ex. 18 August 2011)

<meta content="never" name="expires"/>

This tag tells about Which group of users your blog/site will useful for. there are some options for it.

<meta content="global" name="distribution"/>

global : for everyone
local : for regional users
UI : for internal use

A guide to the search engine bots about indexing . this tag also have some options.

<meta content="index" name="robots"/>

index : index this page
noindex : don't index this page
nofollow : dont index any hyper-linked page
none : (noindex,nofollow)

This gives a rating for the appropriateness for kids.  there are some options for this too.

<meta content="general" name="rating"/>

you can change general into " mature, restricted, and 14 years. " it depends on your page contents.

Enjoy first of my SEO posts. lets meet with another important post.

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  1. In Copyright tag what is "your brand".How can i find it?

  2. @Shandeep...
    If your Blog/Website is for a company, Add your company name. or you can add your blog title as well...

  3. This is a very useful information for new bloggers. SEO is very important for a blog or website.

    Carry On the great work!

  4. Really Really thanks for you gr8 work its really work for me at
    Full Version Softwares i say thanks again to you from deep of my heart.



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