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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pagerank 3. Just in 18 days

Page Rank updated! What about yours

 Page Rank 3

Last night my page rank is Updated (0-3). I just didn't posted a lot of SEO articles because i got a page rank 0 blog to post them. So, It'll be something like a (crab) thing and you won't believe them. Now you can count on my articles. Cuz I have proved that It's the way of success.

Also Don't worry if you got a less Page Rank. PR is not the most important thing when blogging. It's 'Traffic". 
Just spend some extra time to build traffic.

My career of Page Rank

Started: 2011-Aug-16 with a one post. but didn't told anyone about the blog and started developing it's out look. 
After doing some experiments about the template in another blog. ("Click Here" to see the lab) Released and Published to the web: 2011-Aug-24.  But the blog was still developing it's out look and the inside template. Therefore i didn't buy a Domain name until complete basic things.
After the basics I changed the domain name:  2011-Oct-19. After changed the domain I totally  lost my Alexa rank.
And start fixing all links to the new domain (It took a whole day). Then started to build outside links, SEO and reader attracting things.
In 2011-Nov-7 morning My Page rank was still "0" But At the mid night it was 3

Just in 18 days... isn't that awesome?


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  1. wow superb

    Ya it is awesome tooo

  2. are you sure these tweeks will help you in near future?

  3. this is awesome. i hope i can do the same.

  4. wow that is amazing. my blog is 2 months old and still 0pagerank. having good page rank at least 1 is my dream. i hope this will come true one day

  5. congratulations :) very inspiring :)

  6. @mesbakh...
    read my SEO post here . And you will surerly get to your dream. :D

  7. @Anushka and Ramanji........

    Thank you guys.

  8. wow...mine was another story, i got a 2 and dropped to 1.....hay what a pity....

  9. Wow! That's amazing! Maybe you can teach us more tricks on how to get a higher PR. Thanks in advance!

  10. I am still struggling to get out of the PR1 area. It is hard though, combining two blogs with their combined SEO with a study and a job ;)

  11. pr3 in just 18 days. i guess you're lucky. btw. that's good

  12. congratulation. i got PR1 on May 2012 since launch on Januari 28th.

  13. That's probably awesome! nice post, i really wanted to have a page rank 3.

  14. I am trying to get my PR2 website to PR3 but it is proving difficult.

    How many PR1 backlinks do I need to achieve this?

    Right now I have over 140 backlinks from variable page ranked websites.


    1. Why not try 140 backlinks generator? You can get some quality backlinks within few hours.

  15. mine is just 0..
    you are lucky man..

  16. Oh really thanks for information
    my blog page rank 0 ,:(
    help me......

    Please Reply.....
    thank you frineds

  17. I am also trying to increase my page rank

  18. While it is possible to raise a PR in this amount of time, it's unlikely given the information you provided. PR is only updated every quarter year or so; Therefore you would have had to hit it on a cycle of updating and it would have had little knowledge of your past performance, back links etc, if it was a new domain. I'm guessing you bought a domain that was already a PR 3.

  19. I am PR 0 right now! http://dietheight.blogspot.com



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